Starsky & Hatch is in!

Update June 20: Of the 18, one has simply dropped off the list (not sure why, or even which one) of the 17 left, 14 have acknowledged receipt of my submission materials and I am officially “in consideration”. One I do not qualify for – my own fault. The 100 words Film Festival I thought was a literary allusion, it is not, it is a literal qualification. I have over 3000 words and can’t cut it down that much. Two I need to email and see why Withoutabox is showing a red indicator.


It is June 14th and as of Friday June 12, I had submitted Starsky & Hatch to 18 film festivals including the Calgary International Film Festival! While I am happy with this, I do wish I’d been finished sooner as I’ve missed most of the deadlines for this year. At this point, I am now putting finishing touches on the edit.

I recently had a private friends-only viewing that I think went well. It was generally well received and my friends enjoyed it. I hope the general public likes it as well. It is of course an Independent (Indie) film and I had the corresponding budget. I am carefully optimistic though, as I am aware that the public is not my personal friends and will be more critical. I will have to take it in stride, and remind myself that I made it for less than $3000 without help at any step.


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