Marcus Kage

DSC_055615232195_10157793361810257_2051810768365929201_nMarcus has a passion for performing and film making. Not happy just to bring to life to other people’s stories, he has found satisfaction in bringing his own to life.

He moved to Toronto to pursue his education last year and is working on launching a business focused on non-profit organizations after graduation. On film making he has starting post-production on his second film The River: Texas Hold’em Dating. During his first year in the big T he was cast in Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin for East Side Players, which he did when he wasn’t studying. You can read a bit about it under Past Projects. This year he hopes to continue theatre work and refresh his web channel.

Marcus is thankful for his past experience volunteering at a suicide hotline, being a member of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) and VP of Workshop Theatre. He recently joined LIFT, the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Being involved with so many great people in so many ways is an experience he is thankful for. He would also like to congratulate the new president of Workshop Theatre, and good friend, Jacquie Brennan on her presidency! Her family was instrumental in the creation of Workshop – who has shared history with Theatre Calgary before they branched out.

In the last three years he has has been in four plays and filmed two of his own movies plus numerous side-jobs. His first short film Starsky & Hatch: Living the Dream was a great learning experience and was instrumental to improving his second one. There were considerable production difficulties resulting in multiple re-writes and stretching production out to 3 months. The end feature ended up being shorter than originally planned due to running out of time. You can see S&H under Youtube Videos.

His second film The River: Texas Hold’em Dating is currently in the post-production stage. It is a short comparing dating to poker because of the similarities of chance and opportunity. You can read it in more detail under Current Projects.

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