Hazards of Dating (concept title)

Overview: Hazards of Dating is a story about the hardships of dating -explained using actual psychological process we all possess to explain failures with a neutral tone. The protagonist will experience several bad dates and life experiences, while the viewer gets to hear his take on things via the advice he gives to a friend. I am leaning away from a Hollywood ending.

Concept: I will be using explanations of actual psychological processes to fill in the audience at key points about the psychological processes leading to specific failures that the protagonist encounters. Some of the will be innate to the character, some will be part of the environment or society. I am planning on using a combination of voice-over and text but have not made final decisions this early in the process.

Story: Through it all we will also get the protagonist’s point of view about his experiences through the conversations he has with friends (such as The River). At some point in the movie he will try to change himself or the environment and we will get to see some interesting ways he deals with the results of his efforts.

Production Arc: Due to the nature of indie film making and our lack of a multi-million dollar budget there is the latitude to eschew the typically expected ending and feature a more realistic, or at least non-standard, ending. In many ways this is actually freeing because with millions also comes decisions from the people who supply them. Without a high budget I can explore a greater variety of possibilities, the hallmark of Indie Film.