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Welcome artists! If you are visiting my page now you have heard about the contest. I am making a movie (see Starsky & Hatch on the other page) and have decided on a contest to find a piece of music for the crucial chase scene.  Like all movies, the chase scene is critical to the pace of the movie and the plot. In this scene Two Mustangs and a Harley are chasing the bad guy’s truck with a tracking device. We never see the bad guy’s truck in this scene, just the three chasers until they come up on the remotely disabled truck.

What I need is music to fill two spots, part of the chase scene and the end credits. I am looking for one or two pieces of fast music with a decent bassline and some interesting highs. I might use one piece twice, or two different pieces depending on the submissions.

The winning artist(s) will have their music featured in the movie, they will receive credit, and a prize (somewhere in the $50 range, not cash). If my movie is accepted into a festival then the credit will also count on IMDB as any movie accepted to a festival is considered a showing, meaning that any contributing artist will be able to put this on their IMDB.

Submissions must be mastered and clearly labelled in the file name with artist and track title and must be 320 mp3. Please send all submissions to with Starsky & Hatch contest in the subject field. Deadline for submissions is May 1.

I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you,

Marcus Kage.


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  1. Hi Marcus Kage,

    My name is Spencer Stewart and I have been producing a wide variety of genres for a little over 3 years. I have sent over 3 different genres and tempos to you for a bigger chance of your liking.



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