Equipment List

This is my equipment list. This will give you an idea of what I can film based on what I have.


  • Canon XA30
  • 58mm fixed lens (high zoom capable but not changeable)
  • Dual XLR mic input (phantom power)
  • 3.5mm mic input
  • Dual SD cards for longer or duplicate recording
  • 2 extra batteries for extended field operation without A/C power
  • Filters – UV, Polarizing (for reflections), Neutral Density (reduce daylight glare)
  • Detailed Specs
  • canon-xa30


  • LEDGO LG-E116C 7-inch camera light
  • Daylight to indoor colour temperature settings
  • AMARAN AL-H160 7-inch fill/camera light
  • Daylight to indoor colour temperatue filters


  • VidPro XM-W4 wireless lavalier mic (just one at this time)
  • XLR & 3.5mm outputs
  • 48 channel UHF transmitter
  • 300′ range
  • vidpro-xm-w4-wireless-lav-mic
  • Audiotechnica AT6550 shotgun microphone (3.5mm jack)
  • Rode Dead Cat windscreen for windy days
  • audio-technica-at6550Audio Recording (when not recording straight to the camera)
  • Zoom H4N field recorder
  • Dual XLR input with phantom power
  • A/C and battery power options
  • Remote for distant placement and control
  • zoom-h4n

Supporting Equipment

  • Shoulder rig (smoother carrying video and longer handheld operation)shoulder-rig
  • Field monitor (bigger screen to see with)
  • Liquid-filled head tripod (smooth motion)
  • Dry head tripod (lighter and faster motion but does not absorb hand jiggling as well)
  • 1080p 12-volt automotive dash cameras (two)
  • 720p action camera (GoPro knock-off)
  • Clapboard for marking scenes, takes, and important editing info
  • clapboard

Editing Suite

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC with Add-Ons (After Effects, Audition, Speedgrade etc)
  • One of the most popular paid subscription editing programs on the market
  • Many DIY & corporate users (and now Hollywood) use PP CC.

Things I DO NOT have

  • Drone
  • Steadycam Rig
  • Dolly
  • Second Camera
  • Fill lighting for large areas
  • Screens, lighting diffusion, c-stands, etc.