I am in need of new equipment for my next movie. We all know that part of good film making is having good hardware. My upcoming movie Starsky & Hatch was filmed using a 720p HD camcorder. While affordable and easy to use on my first go, and better than what Hollywood used 20 years ago, it is far far short of what audiences demand today. There is a minimum level of quality needed in a camera (and other hardware) to produce what audiences agree is a quality film.

In order to meet that need for quality I have started a Gofundme campaign to meet the need for new equipment and have some funds to pay my actors and attract a crew. I deeply appreciate my actors volunteering their time, but it was difficult to meet everyone’s scheduling needs, not to mention filling all the crew roles myself with the occasional hand from someone else. Please visit my gofund me page at http://www.gofundme.com/mynextmovie to donate, and share with your network. Every dollar helps, no donation is too small. You have my thanks for your support no matter how much you give.

I am leaning toward the Canon XA25 camera because of its many user friendly features and its format. It has dual XLR (phantom power) mic support as well as a 3.5mm jack. Multiple recording formats and outputs for both audio and video. This camera will support external recording, monitors, and video outputs. It will give me the versatility of a production camera with the intuitive user functionality of a camcorder and the digital capabilities of a studio-level recording. I intend to augment it with (most likely) Rode mics for the XLR, one shotgun on top, one on a boom pole, as well as a wireless setup on the 3.5mm input. On the monitor side I can add an external monitor on top and it has an HD/SD-SDI port for production-grade equipment. I will also need to buy an interior lighting rig, lens filters, cabling, and traveling hardware.

For more about the next movie itself check out the dedicated page. (page now deleted)

Thank you,


Marcus Kage.


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