The Others

This is in the vein of Mystery Men, where it is not a group of hero’s, but the other guys. But the other guys only in the way they look, the way they are treated by other people (not as attractive or noteworthy people, but people you ignore because of their non-attractive looks), not in their abilities, which are extraordinary. 4 average/unattractive looking people with some kind of powers that are slightly more feasible in real life than Holly wood (ex: someone who can shatter glass, but there are no Sonic’s or shockwaves. Glass just shatters like if you hit it with porcelin). They are led by someone without powers; his contribution is that he’s exceptionally smart because of his non-linear thinking and ability to anticipate everything in a realistic way – NOT a genius, just a smart guy. There will be some comedy around him not having any powers.

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